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Susies Animal Ark Transport 

Small Animal Road Transport QLD NSW VIC SA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - got more questions, our Reservations Team is here to assist 

Q. What type of animals do you transport?

A. Susies Animal Ark specialises in poultry but we will move all pets and small domestic including small livestock. We move cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles and small livestock. We do reserve the right to refuse to transport any animal that we consider presents a risk to either ourselves or any other animal that we may be carrying, or to the Public. This includes but is not limited to aggressive or unhealthy animals see 'Biosecurity'. Our team have the final say as to whether or not an animal is fit for travel..

Q. How do you transport them?

A. Susies Animal Ark moves your animals by road in our fleet of climate controlled vehicles. Each vehicle has been fitted out with custom built cages to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. LED lighting simulates daylight and is turned off at night time. Reptiles are to be transported in a locked box provided by the sender. 

Q. Where do you drop?

A. Meet points are based on safety. We prefer to find safe locations off the HWY where possible, and these vary from town to town. Parks and Petrol Stations (Road Houses) are ideal as they have big carparks and are off the road. Whilst this is not a door to door service, we will endeavor to drop off and pickup direct to and from properties where possible. 

Q. What are your hours of service?

A. Susies Animal Ark Transport is not an overnight express service, neither are we a 9 to 5 delivery service. We must be able to contact you outside of work hours if necessary, delivery and pickup may be made after hours. Our drivers have the authority to stop and change delivery times if they are tired – I am sure you all agree that you would prefer for your animals not to be involved in an accident due to tired drivers.

Q. Do you have any hints for pre travel?

A. Ensure that your animal is healthy. Check for ticks, fleas, lice and treat where necessary. If you have any doubts about the health of your animal you should not consider re-homing the animal. Please do not feed dogs or cats prior to travel. Especially do not overfeed small pups prior to travel as this may cause them to experience some car sickness and discomfort early in the trip. We do feed animals through the course of the trip where appropriate. We carry on board food for all animals booked on the current trip. You may continue to give them water prior to travel.

Poultry should be looked at carefully before deciding to transport it – check their sinuses (are they clear or runny or clogged), their eyes (are they clear? Frothy? opaque?), smell them ( a sick chook stinks). Check for Lice and Mites. We will.

If you have a dog to be transported then arrive at the meet point early and walk your dog while waiting for us. Ensure that your dog has a strong collar and that it cannot slip over the animals head, as the driver will walk animals as is appropriate to individual needs.

Q. Do you have Papers that need to be handed to the new Owner or accompany the animal whilst in Transit?

A. If you have any paperwork that is to go with the animal, we prefer these to be posted directly to the receiver and NOT handed to the driver. This includes Pedigree Papers, DNA Certificates, Purchase Receipts etc.

The exception to this rule is Movement Advice's, Weigh Bills or any paperwork that by law needs to accompany an animal whilst in transit and this usually relates to Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Reptiles or Exotic Birds. Seller/Senders are required to provide all necessary paperwork for the animal being transported as Animal Ark Transport does not carry blank copies of these forms. Please note : No Paperwork, NO Transport - its the law

Q. How do we care for your pets during travel?

A. Susies Animal Ark Transport moves your animals by road in our climate controlled vehicle. Our cages keep your animals separated and safe. All animals have continuous access to water and are fed and exercised as is appropriate to their individual needs. Poultry are fed a high protein diet and given water with a Vitamin & Electrolyte Supplement in it to help with stress management. Dogs are given electrolytes in their water to maintain hydration as well as biscuits. Cats are picky and when travelling often will not eat – although they will have continuous access to feed and water while travelling. Reptiles need to be fed before being boxed as our drivers do not feed them during travel, unless previously arranged with the driver. Birds are fed in accordance to theirs dietary needs and are also given a Vitamin & Electrolyte Supplement in it to help with stress management.

Q. Do you transport reptiles?

A. Yes; Reptiles must be boxed prior to being put on the vehicle in a plastic or wooden box, preferably double bagged in the box. Paperwork must accompany all reptiles during transport.

Box sizes; small - up to 30cm Wide x 35cm High x 55cm Deep (fits inside Cage Size A) ; large - up to 40cm Wide x 55cm High x 55cm Deep (fits inside Cage Size D) . Your box must fit inside one of our cages for the duration of transport.

Q. Do you transport wild or native birds?

A. Yes we do - Pigeons, parrots, quails, lorikeets or any other type of bird that has a high risk of flight if it escapes it to be placed on the vehicle in its cage whilst transfer between cages takes place. Pickup is the reverse of the loading procedure. Senders and Receivers need to ensure the cage they are transporting their bird to or from is cleaned and sanitised.

Q. Do you transport small chicks requiring heat?

A. YES - Susies Animal Ark Transport has the facilities on board to transport chicks under the age of 4 weeks requiring heat. Our heated cages are controlled by digital thermostats allowing us to accurately manage the temperature of the cage during transport.

Q. Do you transport small livestock ?

A. YES - Susies Animal Ark Transports has a livestock trailer allowing us to safely transport small livestock along the lines of baby sheep and goats. We can accommodate Adult Livestock no bigger than an adult miniature goats. Each Berth has a maximum weight limit of 45kg per berth.

Q. Do I need any Licences/permits/movement advises?

A. There are of course restrictions on the movement of some types of native and wild animals and in some cases a permit is required to be held by the shipper, receiver or both. In these instances we would need to obtain a copy of the appropriate permits prior to travel. Import and export licenses are needed for the transport of reptiles and birds such as snakes, parrots, pigeons etc. between states and a movement advice is necessary within Queensland. It is up to the clients to obtain these permits and hand them to the driver prior to the animals being loaded onto the vehicle. Animal Ark Transport is not responsible for these applications. If birds or animals are confiscated due to lack of these permits/licenses and advises all costs are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. This paper work is to be handed to the driver when animals/birds are boarded. This includes heartworm documentation for dogs travelling to Tasmania.

Q. How many animals per cage?

A. Please refer to 'Cage Sizes' as a guide to what fits into what cage or feel free to contact one of our friendly Reservation Team Members

Q. What are your fees?

A. Fees available on request as there are many factors to consider like the number of animals, how many cages are required, and the distance they have to travel

Q. Are you insured?

A. Susies Animal Ark Transport has insurance for vehicle accidents only. It is up to the client to arrange insurance for the animal/s whilst in transit if necessary.